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Spicy Masala Poha for Breakfast

It’s been a long time since my last post. I would love to start a fresh. When I was little the first recipe that I learnt was Poha, yes yes you heard it right and I accept that I love it. I love having them in breakfast, it is my mom’s recipe and I have rarely seen anyone else with this similar recipe. Poha is the name of recipe which is made with various ingredients and Chivada (flattened rice). They are easy to cook and do not take a lot of efforts to cook.
I am sure you must have seen a lot of recipes of Poha but the one I am going to share is way different, spicy and tasty. The main ingredients of poha are groundnuts; mustard seeds and curry leaves but this one has none. That is what makes it so different; the ingredients I use will change the whole taste and look of the dish. If you are bored with the same old school poha, then go for the new spicy breakfast. Ingredients: Refine Oil 2 TablespoonCumin seeds - a pinchOnion - One medium sizePotato - One medium sizeTomato - One mediu…
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Christmas Special: Berry Smoothies and Grinch Kabobs

Berry Smoothies easy to made. Kids love it.

Here is what we need:

2 scoops vanilla icecream15 Blueberries8 Raspberries4 Strawberries1/2 liter Milk Non-Fat1/2 cup ice cubes
Blend the ingredients in the Mixer and your berry shake is ready

Along with the shake add some fun with the Grinch Kabobs

This simple yet healthy Kaboobs will make the treat tasty.

All you need is

small marshmallowsgrapesstrawberryBanana.Toothpicks
Slice the strawberry in triangular shape., stem end
Slice banana
Place the grapes then sliced banana, strawberry and marshmallow at end.

Voila!!! Evening Snacks ready. :)

Bread Roll - Strawberry and Chocolate (Nutella) Recipe

I usually search the internet for interesting yet easy recipes. Usually my family like to eat a lot of crazy stuff. So this time I was going through a website which was featuring a lot of breakfast ideas. So I picked this one and started cooking

I choose this recipe because it looks interesting and Strawberries are my favourite. ;)

So lets start with the Ingredient of Bread Rolls:

Serve 2 - 3

12 White Bread
1 Large Egg
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup cream

1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
Powdered Sugar
4-5 Tablespoon Butter

Lets start making our fabulous and delicious recipe yummm

Whisk together Egg, milk, cream, and vanilla extract in a wide bowl
Flatten the bread, use rolling pin.
Cut the side crust of the bread
Now heat the butter in non stick pan
Keep the heat to medium
Spread Nutella or Chocolate on bread
Add some strawberries with it
Roll the Bread
Then dip the roll in the whisked mixture
Put the roll in frying pan
Flip the roll after 1 minute or so
Fry them till the…

Evening Snack - Stuffed Mushroom - Mom's Fav

A little break but here I am again with one more evening snack. My Mom love to cook and this one is one of her favourite dishes. Very easy, delicious and have a very "chatpata" taste.

Mouth-watering dish is a perfect snack and even could be use as starter.

So lets get started ...Here is the Ingredients:

Large mushrooms - 7Paneer smashed - 1 cupChaat MasalaMango PowderCumin SeedsGaram MasalaCorriander leavesSalt to tasteCurd - 1 cupGarlic PasteNow lets start making the perfect evening snack - Stuffed Mushroom: For marination take curd add some turmeric powder, salt to taste and garlic past 1 tspPrepare the stuffing by mixing paneer, 1 tsp chaat masala, 1 tsp mango powder, 1/2 tsp cumin seeds, 1/2 tsp garam masala and salt to tasteWash mushrooms, remove the stem and clean the mushroom cupNow fill the mixture of Paneer in the mushroomsKeep the stuffed Mushroom in the curd for 20 minutesPin the Mushrooms in the skewersPut it in the Oven, Grill them till they are little brownServe…

Low Calorie Cocktails

Hello All!!! Now this Time I have some really amazing recipes of low calorie drinks.

So lets get started with the fun.

Low Calorie Lemonade

All you need is:

Lemon Juice - 1/4th cupSugar Substitute - Sugar FreeVodkaCrushed IceLemonade Recipe: Its a very refreshing drink. Just add Lemon Juice, Sugar free, Vodka and Crushed Ice. Then Blend it in the 
Blender for around 30 seconds.
Garnish with lemon on it.
You are ready with your tasty and low calorie drink.

Hot Apple Cider
All you require is: Apples peeled, cored and diced - 2RumCinnamon Stick - 1Nutmeg a pinchHot Apple Cider Recipe: Put the apple in juicer and squeeze. Boil the juice and add the cinnamon stick, rum and nutmeg.
Pour it in the  glass and the drink is ready.
A perfect low calorie drink for you.

It requires: Orange JuiceVodkaCrushed IceScrewdriver Recipe: It is also one of the best low calorie cocktail to enjoy at home.
Put the orange juice, vodka and crushed ice in the cocktail shaker. And shake well for 30 seconds…

Veg Roll Recipe in Rava Fry

Hello All...Once Again I am here to share a delicious recipe of Veg Roll in Rava (Semolina) fry...So here we go.


Green Vegetables like cauliflower, potato, tomato, green peas, green chili etc.For Veg Roll you can add paneer (fresh cheese) and for non veg add boiled chickenBread - 4 slicesRava (Semolina) - 50 gramsSaltRed chilies -  2 tbspMango Powder - 1 tbspGaram masala - 1/2 tbspOilVeg Roll Recipe - Rava Fry Roll Recipe Boil all Green Vegetables gently.Drain the water completely.Mash the vegetables while hot.Grind the bread, dry bread.Now mix Mashed Vegetables, paneer (fresh cheese), salt, red chilies, mango powder, garam masala and grinded dry bread.Divide the mixture in equal parts and make the rolls of the mixture.Now take each roll and roll it in rava (Semolina).Deep fry in hot oil.Serve Hot with ketchup.Enjoy!! :)

Bread Upma Recipe - Simple Evening Snack

Here I have a very simple and tasty bread upma. Evening time is a fun time with family. Delicious Upma will make it more pleasent.

OilSaltRed Chili TurmericGreen Chillies - 3Onion - 1 choppedTomato - 1 choppedCumin SeedsBread 3-4 slices (any type)Bread Upma Recipe: Heat a teaspoon oil in pan and add cumin seeds.Add chopped green chilies and onion, fry til onion get little transparent.Add salt and red chili to taste and a pinch of turmeric powder.After that add chopped onion n fry for 2-3 minutes.Then add the bread pieces.Garnish with coriander leaves  Serve Hot!!You can also add green peas and beans.